KFJC playlist 8/29/2009 at 15:01 for Reject Girl

Rich KidsPut You in the PictureGhosts of Princes in Towers5200410
Lowe, NickHeart of the CityPure Pop for Now People4901150
Jam, theLondon GirlThis Is the Modern Wold4490070
Members, theSolitary ConfinementAt the Chelsea Nightclub4917120
Melt-BananaDisposable WeathercockScratch or Stitch2723370
Pop, Iggy & James WilliamsonI Got a Right3216130
Heartbreakers, theOne Track MindL.A.M.F. Revisited5066180
Poison GirlsAre You Happy Now3208700
Not My SonAlone"American Devil"2441450
Gun ClubGhost on the HighwayFire of Love1569450
Ruts, theSavage CircleCrack, the2134771
WireGo AheadDocument and Eyewitness...2489470
Husker DuBeyond the ThresholdZen Arcade1610971
Lake of DraculaViolatorsLake of Dracula3019470
Le TigreGet Off the InternetFrom the Desk of Mr. Lady4132440
Pop, IggyRock & Roll PartyParty4980230
Au PairsRepetitionPlaying with a Different Sex1067930
Farren, Mick & the DeviantsSomewhere to GoThis Vinyl Is Condemned3883910
Jam, theBut I'm Different NowSound Affects4492650
CrimeFlipoutSan Francisco's Doomed1745630
Ex, theGonna Rob the SpermbankGonna Rob the Spermbank1462030
CrucifucksAnnual ReportMaximum Rnr Welcome...2698830
Kinks, theBeautiful DelilahKinks4676700
RamonesSomebody Put Something In My DrinkAnimal Boy2092700
Dead BoysSonic ReducerYounger, Louder, Snottier...3124220
Texas Terri & the Stiff OnesHoly GhostEat Shit!4061900
Bobbyteens, theYoung & DumbNot So Sweet4050100
Negative TrendM-16Pop Sessions, the3418280
Left For DeadWho Do You Know?Live6048970
Birthday Party, theCat ManBoys Next Door, the1120480
Cale, JohnBig White CloudVintage Violence4705390
United Bible StudiesThe SwallowingJonah, The6049871
Destroy Destroy DestroyThe SummoningDevour The Power6125260
Half ChurchTurmoilHalf Church1571261
Buzzcocks, theOrgasm AddictSingles Going Steady946210
CaveBoneyardMade In Malaysia6831201
PoguesThe Old Main DragRum, Sodomy and the Lash2059400
Fresh MeatGet to WorkLeather Daddy 7"6814101
Poison IdeaShort FuseKings of Punk172220
Specials, theA Message to You RudyS/T2228150

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Timestamp: 0908291501 "Reject Girl"